new jobI posted recently that I interviewed for a part time position at the rec center I go to, and they called me on Friday to offer me a job! I’ll be working in the registration office. I go in today to fill out paperwork and start some training.

The pay is pretty horrible, but the job meets all my criteria:

– between 8 and 12 hours/week
– no weekends or evenings
– maximum 15 minute commute
– free parking
– casual dress code
– no manual labor

It’s VERY hard to find a job meeting this criteria!!

I’ll be working one full day and one half day each week. I should still be able to go to yoga twice/week and swim once a week, my weekly study group, and be available to go out with my friends most weeks, and have plenty of time for shopping/groceries/errands and generally keeping things running smoothly.

It sounds like they are flexible about vacations and there are enough employees to cover shifts when I’m gone. I expect I’ll have to cover other peoples’ shifts from time to time, especially if I expect the same in return.

We’ll see how it goes. It’s been almost exactly 12 years since I quit my last real job – where, BTW, I was making more than 4x the hourly amount (12 years ago!) than I’ll be making on this job. 😮

There will be a learning curve but, basically, the job is well within (if not well below) my capabilities. My biggest worries are a) will it mess with my current 100% flexibility, and b) will I like the job? I’m REALLY not good at doing things I don’t like. My hope is that I’m busy and the hours fly by. And, when I’m not busy, I hope it’s OK to read a book. I don’t read enough!

I would like to enjoy this enough that I’m still there in 5+ years.

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