Organic Romaine for a Non-Organic Price

romaineI’m SO glad to be getting back to normal. We had our FAC on Friday night and it was a GREAT success. We had two graduation parties to go to on Saturday, a BBQ on Sunday, and a Memorial Day party on Monday.


For the Sunday BBQ I was making a large Caesar salad. I went to King Soopers to buy a second head of Romaine lettuce, which just so happened to be on sale for $1, and which they just happened to be out of. Aggghhh!!

Luckily, they had some organic Romaine. Of course, they were about half the size of a regular head of Romaine, and they cost $1.59 or $1.79. I can’t exactly remember, because I told the gal at the checkout I wanted the sales price of the big heads of Romaine that they had run out of. She seemed quite suspicious of my motives – as though I was trying to pull one over on her – and insisted on paging the produce department to confirm that they were, indeed, out of Romaine lettuce.

Needless to say, I got my measly lettuce for $1.

I was at this particular King Soopers a couple of Sundays ago and they were out of brocolli and half and half and many other items. It felt like I was shopping in a 3rd world store. Not impressed…

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