Time For a Part Time Job?

new jobHere are my criteria:

– between 8 and 12 hours/week
– no weekends or evenings
– maximum 15 minute commute
– free parking
– casual dress code
– no manual labor

As you can imagine, this cuts the job pool down substantially. 😉

And I’ll be lucky to get $10/hr.

Here are the reasons I’m contemplating a job:

– I have free time on my hands
– it will make me a more interesting, well-rounded person
– even if I only earn $400-$500/month, it will come in handy
– it will increase my social security benefits
– in the event I want to/have to work in 5-10 years, it will be a LOT easier if I start now. Getting hired at 54 will be a LOT easier than at 60 or 64.

Anyway, I interviewed for a position that, miraculously, meets my criteria. I hope they hire me, though I’m not counting on it. It’s in the registration department of the parks and recreations center I use. It would mean free use of the amenities – a perk, although my current expenses are pretty minimal. My biggest concern is how it will affect my ability to take vacations. 😉

And I’m sure that’ll be one of their biggest concerns. I’m already planning on a short trip to Calgary in June, 10 days in the Maritimes in July, and a week in Windermere in August.

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