Groupon Purchase

grouponA couple of years ago I bought some Michael Todd KNU Anti-Aging Cream via Groupon. It was great – so great I only used it for special occasions. I tried to buy more but, unless it’s on a Groupon special, it’s way too expensive.

So, I was very happy when, this morning, I noticed on a Groupon email that they were offering the cream again. The regular price (they say) is $150 and Groupon had it for $27.99.

This time, I remembered to access the Groupon website via TOPCASHBACK. For some reason, Groupon said I had a $10 credit (no idea why – maybe it was to tempt me because I haven’t bought anything for a year). Anyway, that was sweet. I ordered two of the creams. With the $10 off, it came to $47.31 including tax. Shipping was free.

Plus, I get $3.92 from TOPCASHBACK.

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