Yet Another Mistake on My Comcast Bill

comcastI called Comcast last month to make some changes. Our promotional rate had expired and I wanted to add HBO back because Game of Thrones was starting back up.

Of course, I made sure to carefully go through the bill that came in the mail this week to make sure everything was correct.

And, of course, it wasn’t correct.

All the changes I expected (and I wrote them down during last month’s conversation) were there. But, in addition, I was now being charged $8 for a “Modem Lease Fee” in addition to the $8 “Modem Equipment Fee” I’m charged every month.

How easy it would be overlook this! But I check my Comcast bill line by line every month ESPECIALLY after I’ve spoken to someone in Customer Service and they’ve made any changes to our account. More often than not, they mess it up.

I’m making a note that next month’s bill should show an $8 credit to reverse the mistake for this month’s bill. Plus, I’ll have to make sure that the “Modem Lease Fee” line item has disappeared. If not, I’ll have to call them again.

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