All Cards $1 at Party City

party cityI went to Party City on Saturday to stock up on plates, napkins and cutlery for Mother’s Day. (I will keep the receipt just in case the stuff I bought comes on sale and I can rebuy and return.) I also had to buy a graduation card (more like four) and was very pleased to see that ALL their cards were on sale for $1.

I’m not crazy about buying cards and paying $3 or $4 in addition to a present. So, I often don’t buy them. But, for graduation gifts, we always give money vs. a “present” – a check, actually, so a) it doesn’t get stolen (which happens), and b) there’s no mixup about who gave what. So, you sort of have to buy a card.

I’m interested in Party City’s sales cycle. I’m going to see if they send emails or if I can find something on their website. We do a lot of entertaining and I’d love to save money on the napkins, plates, cups and cutlery.

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