Selling Stuff on Craigslist

craigslistI know some people are nervous about using Craigslist to buy or sell things. I approach it with caution. I don’t meet people alone or I meet them in a public place. I don’t think it’s any different than when we used newspaper ads. Just cheaper and easier!

This week we have a Suburban for sale; a twin bed set (sold for $50); furniture that we acquired with a foreclosure that is now, finally, under contract; and a computer desk that came with our current house. We are meeting people on Saturday and I’m pretty confident much of the furniture will go. It has to be gone before we close. I’m pretty sure we’ll end up giving the computer desk away, or selling it for something like $10. The Suburban better sell soon – before there’s a massive hailstorm or someone drives into it. Plus, I want to cancel the insurance.

I love Craigslist, although I wish they would upgrade the application. The biggest benefit it provides for us is advertising our rentals. We used to have to place an ad in the newspaper. It was expensive. We had minimal space. And we had to renew it if the property didn’t rent before the ad expired. Compare that to today with Craigslist! As much text as we want. Many pictures. Easy to manage and renew. Communication can take place via email. And the ad sticks around in our account so that we can reuse it the next time we need to rent.

Postlets is another tremendous tool we use. Again, free.

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