Refill Prescriptions Before They Expire

prescriptionThis bit me in the butt, again. Aggghhh.

My daughter was prescribed a skin lotion in late March of last year, with six refills. Well, she wasn’t going through it nearly at that rate. In fact, I wasn’t sure if she was even routinely using it, since she’s off at school. It’s so much harder to keep track of this when a) it’s not your own medication, and b) when the person using the medication isn’t at home.

Of course, about 32 days after the prescription expired, after having only used 2 or 3 of the six refills she needs more. I was lucky and the doctor let us fill it again, with two additional refills.

I’ll make sure to use the refills as long as my daughter is using the lotion. In fact, I’ve put the prescription paperwork in my filing system so I won’t forget.

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