Newspaper or Not?

denver postYou know you’re old when you still get a physical newspaper every morning. It costs $10/month and, despite the fact that half the articles drive me crazy with either a) their complete liberal spin, or b) they appear to be written by twenty-year-olds obsessed with clever headlines, I don’t see us stopping service anytime soon. The benefits outweigh the cost:

– I like doing the Sudoku while I eat breakfast. I don’t want to do it online. I don’t want to print it off from an online site. Likewise, Jay likes to do the word jumble. (Talk about us sounding old.)

– I like getting the coupon inserts every weekend. They save me money.

– I check ads every Thursday and Friday for sales on wine and bourbon. Our liquor store matches any advertised price and you have to bring in the newspaper ad. This save me money.

– I try to remember to cut out the Hobby Lobby ad on Sundays, when I think there’s a chance I’ll be buying something there. This saves me money.

– I already spend too much time on my computer. I don’t want to also read the paper online.

– I keep the sections I haven’t read in a stack and usually manage to get to them at some point during the week. I wouldn’t be able to keep track if I was reading it online.

– I will think of other reasons…

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