Transferring Money Between Bank Accounts

chase quick payI posted about Chase’s QuickPay function last year. We still have accounts at two banks, despite having paid off the HELOC we had at US Bank. I haven’t gotten around to consolidating everything at Chase. Our kids have accounts at US Bank and I still have boxes of checks to use and I have all our online bill pay set up there. One of these days…

Anyway – last year when I got the QuickPay all set up, I wasn’t sure how often I’d use it. Turns out, I use it quite regularly (unfortunately). I say unfortunately because it means I’m having to transfer money from one of our three HELOCs to sometimes pay the household bills.  Those college tuitions and sorority fees take a huge bite out of our bank account! If everything goes according to plan, and it never does ;), all three kids will be done with school in three more years. Best case scenario. Until that happens we won’t seriously start planning for Jay’s retirement. We’ll need at least a couple of years to see what our living expenses look like once we’re truly empty nesters and not paying tuition.

In the meantime, though, I’ve already started looking into social security details. And paying close attention to our tax returns and what our situation might look like once Jay does, in fact, retire. Luckily, I like to do this kind of stuff!

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