Collared Polo Shirts

polo shirtI hate clothes shopping. But I also hate not having anything decent to wear – something that happens far too often. In preparation for my trip to Florida (and for spring/summer in general) I went through my closet and drawers. Luckily, I have some capris that are in decent shape. And I have a couple of decent dresses/skirts. But, my “shirts/tops” situation was dire. Most need to go and, luckily, Goodwill is coming in a couple of weeks so I’m forcing myself to get rid of them.

I went to Macy’s and picked out a couple of cute and casual tops – all long sleeved. I wanted some short sleeved tops, too. Not t-shirts, though. I don’t wear t-shirts anymore. But I do like collared “polo” shirts. Trouble is, the ones at Macy’s were horrible. They flared out at the bottom – probably to accommodate big hips. But I don’t have big hips. 😉

I decided to check out the mens department. Bingo! They had a huge selection – lots of colors and better construction. They were more expensive (ie. $20 each vs. $11), but I bought three. (There’s a Staples across the parking lot, so I first bought a $50 Macy’s gift card there, using my Ink Bold card to get 5X points.)

I also found some collared polo shirts in the mens section of H&M, for $10 each. I bought three there and will decide which ones to keep and will return the others. I’m pretty hard on shirts. I shrink them. I stain them. If the H&M ones look good enough, I might consider keeping them, buying new ones every year. It’s a plan that should be easy to follow through on, and it will keep me from wearing old shirts that are an embarrassment.

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