To Check or Not to Check?

checked bagI’m going to Florida with friends and we’re not flying on United. So, I don’t get to check my bag for free. I think it’ll be $25 each way, which means I will, likely, pack everything into carry on bags.

There are five of us and I might throw out the idea of having one of us check a bag that all of us can use for our sunscreen and liquids, so we don’t all have to buy travel size shampoos, etc. Also, a large checked bag would allow us to not have to pack so frugally. It’s a good strategy when there are a number of travelers and you can get away with one checked bag among you.

I’ll see. If I suggest it, it will be my checked bag, and I will pay for it and the chances of everyone paying me back are slim to none. 😉

2 thoughts on “To Check or Not to Check?

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