Expenses Already Eliminated

to do listI posted recently about keeping a list of expenses to eliminate. Within a week, one of them took care of itself. My Metrolist account was closed, pretty much by mistake, by my agent’s real estate firm. In the meantime, he’s letting me use his account. And, I discovered, that the less robust version available to the public (www.recolorado.com) is adequate for many of my current needs.

As I mentioned, I don’t use Metrolist that much anymore. I might even start doing some administrative work for him, so maybe I’ll get my own account just for that.

Monthly savings = $38.

Also, I’m having my last massage at Massage Envy this week, after which I will suspend my account, which they allow you to do for up to six months. After that, I’ll decide if I miss it enough to reactivate or if I’ll cancel my membership entirely. I was buying discount gift cards for 20% off but, by the time you factor in the tip, it was coming to about $50/month.

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