HBO and Game of Thrones

game of thronesQuite a few months ago I called Comcast and ordered Showtime, while cancelling HBO. That way, I could watch Homeland and Episodes. Well, both are done for the season and Game of Thrones started up on Sunday. So, I called Comcast and dropped Showtime ($10/mo) and asked for HBO. The representative who assisted me in dropping Showtime told me that HBO would be $15/month. She sent me to their Loyalty department, where I got it for $5/month. 😉

I explained that I really would like to find ways to reduce our bill. She suggested I call right before our two-year contract expires in August, to see what promotions are available. In the meantime, I’ll see about researching alternatives. Our cell phone service in our neighborhood isn’t great, so we still have a landline. If and when we move, I’m sure dropping our landline will be in order. And I need to learn about entertainment options that will support our viewing habits AND save us money.

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