Do One Thing at a Time

single taskThis is going to be a hard one for me. The idea came to me as I was scanning a proxy to send to the HOA of a rental property we own. It takes about a minute to do the scan and, while waiting, my eyes wandered over to the next thing on my “pile”, which is the Dues Notice for my Authors Guild membership. I was inclined to start working on that and starting thinking about how I’d like to drop this expense ($90/year) except then I’d have to find a new platform for my Author website ( when I thought STOP!!

I start to feel like my brain is a hard drive, thrashing things in and out as I try to work on them simultaneously. But, like a computer, you can really only think about or work on one thing at a time. For sanity’s sake, what’s wrong with waiting for the scan to complete, filing the paperwork, and emailing it to the HOA before moving on to the next thing?

So, that’s what I did. And then, before getting to my Authors Guild dues paperwork, I wrote the draft for this post.

Try to do one thing at a time… it’s called single tasking.

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