Keep a List of Expenses to Eliminate

to do listI’ve started keeping a list of expenses to eliminate. Someday.

I’ve decided to give up my Massage Envy membership. This will be the easiest to eliminate. I had a couple of gift cards I bought at a 20% discount and I will get a couple of massages in before they charge my May dues. And I’ll close, or at least suspend, my membership. I’ve never been able to replace the masseuse I initially went to 3-4 years ago. She was the best. I think she does massages out of her home, now. If I really need one, I can go to her. Plus, they just increased their monthly dues by 99¢. A pittance, I know, but my understanding when I joined was that I was grandfathered into the existing rate. As in forever.

I pay $38/month for a subscription to a real estate website. It was essential when I was doing all the foreclosure work, but its value is becoming less and less apparent to me. I can see dropping this in the next year or so, especially if my agent lets me use his account the few times I need to.

I’m a member of The Authors Guild, costing $90/year. I also pay $18/qtr for website hosting. In order to drop my membership, I’d have to find a new platform for my website, in addition to rebuilding it there. Someday.

We’re members of a prepaid legal plan. This has come in pretty handy because we have three kids who get in some kind of trouble on a somewhat regular basis. Hopefully, they will wise up one of these days! Also, we have rentals and have sought legal advice a couple of times regarding landlord/tenant issues. However, I’d like to lose this expense sometime in the next 3-5 years.

Anyway – these, and other, expenses are on my elimination list. Every time I notice an expense or a charge that I reasonably can see eliminating, I add it to my list.

And, so long as I have my list (which is on a spreadsheet, of course), I’m confident that one of these days I will get around to addressing each and every one of them. Call it saving. Call it simplifying. Call it control.

You manage what you measure.

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