Today I Disputed a Charge on My Credit Card

ink boldI have alerts set up on my credit cards for basically every single charge. Last week, one came through for Vail resorts on my Ink Bold card. I hadn’t been to Vail. I hadn’t ordered anything online. My card was physically with me. Steve, who skis in Vail a lot, doesn’t have this card. And, he was here in town all week, anyhow.

I rarely use my Ink Bold card – usually only for Verizon, Comcast, office supply stores, and hotels. I did use it back in July to buy a ski pass for Steve’s birthday/Christmas present. But there shouldn’t be an additional $69 charge, eight months later, related to that. It does mean, however, that I’ve used my card at Vail resorts. So, it makes me wonder if there’s a computer glitch or someone there has accessed credit card info.

In any event, I called Chase to report and dispute it. Unfortunately, I can’t dispute it online like I can with my personal credit cards. The Ink Bold is a business credit card. They are reversing the charge and will follow up on it. There may a perfectly legitimate reason for the charge and I’m just not remembering it or didn’t know something. It’s happened before with other charges.

But, this time, I really doubt it.

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