Wine Windfall

mcmanisI’ve posted about my favorite wine before. It’s certainly not the best around. But I like it, the price is right, and it doesn’t affect my sleep – three huge checkmarks on the Pros and Cons balance sheet.

I used to buy it, pretty much exclusively, at the liquor store near my house. Their $8.99 price was already reasonably low, but it often came on sale for $7.9. And if, by chance, another store advertised it for less, sometimes as low as $6.99, they would match that price. Plus, I would pay with discount gift cards I bought online.

Well, those days are pretty much gone. Their regular price has gone up to $11.99/bottle! Luckily, I discovered that the Costco liquor store carries it for $7.99.

Last week, however, they advertised “my” wine for $6.49/bottle. Using gift cards, which I bought for a 9% discount, I ended up paying $5.91/bottle.

Such a good deal I bought two cases!!

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