Need to Reorder Retainer Brite

retainer briteFour or five years ago my dentist talked me into getting a night guard. I had become a jaw clencher after the death of my nephew but had resisted getting one because of the price ($500+). In the meantime I cracked two of my molars (which had been compromised by fillings) and the dental bills were already approaching the cost of a night guard, anyway.

It wasn’t until I got a headache that lasted for 31 days that I relented. My dentist, in order to “reset” (or whatever she did) my jaw, had one foot on the wall! My headache was gone immediately, but it started to come back during the week or so it took for my night guard to be created.

I noticed a difference after the first night. Best $500 I ever spent!!

I clean my night guard every day with a product called Retainer Brite. I’ve heard I could brush it myself with a toothbrush, but I’m too lazy and the Retainer Brite cleans it absolutely thoroughly. It’s squeaky clean every night when I put it in.

I’ve discovered that buying a one year supply on Amazon gives me the cheapest price ($45) and the shipping is free. I’ll be ordering sometime in the next month and will buy an Amazon gift card at Office Max using my Ink Bold card to get 5x points.

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