Scheduling Doctor Visits

doctorI take a couple of prescriptions on a regular basis. I order my meds through Express Scripts (Medco), which is much less expensive than going to my Safeway pharmacy. When I’m out of refills, Express Scripts automatically contacts my doctor for her to re-authorize the prescription. My current doctor has an annoying habit of making me come in for a visit in order to re-authorize any prescription. Of course, she isn’t actually available to see me. I see the physician’s assistant, which is just fine with me.

But, it bugs me to have to schedule an appointment and pay the copay just to get a refill on a medication that isn’t controlled, isn’t unusual, and something I’ve taken for 10+ years. It’s not like she doesn’t ever see me. I usually have to see her a couple of times/year for some kind of illness or issue. And, I’m good about getting in once/year for a physical and bloodwork. It seems unnecessary to have to come in for these additional visits. And, obviously, it’s up to me to manage it better.

So, when I was there yesterday, I asked them to check when I had my last physical. It was a year ago, April. They suggested I schedule another physical for May. But I’m going to schedule it for April, in just a few weeks. My existing prescriptions and refills should last almost until April of next year. I will make them last until then. And, in April of 2015, I’ll go in for my annual physical and I will have her re-authorize ALL my prescriptions at once and then I’ll never have to come in for a visit just to get a prescription authorized.

And I will do this every April.

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