Getting the Lotion Out

lotionI’ve posted about prevailing over the dreaded tube. This time, though, the lotion isn’t in a tube. It’s in a pump bottle. Nothing more would pump out. And my finger wasn’t getting any more from the opening. So, I cut the bottle in half.

Lo and behold, there’s probably two weeks’ worth of face lotion sitting there in the bottom.

I can keep it from drying out by putting it in a plastic baggie. Do I have to? No, I don’t. We’re in good shape, financially. But much of the reason we are is because we go the extra mile. And we’ve been doing it for a lot of years. We’re so used to it, it doesn’t seem weird. It simply costs us less to live.

We’re well past the point of having to do half the things we do. Writing this blog is probably the reason I’m still at it so vigilantly. (Remember, you manage what you measure.) I find it a challenge. And rewarding. And I hope to inspire others – assuming anyone ever reads it! 😉

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