Kellogg’s $5 Reward

KFR_HealthyStarts_BannerWhile buying more All Bran for Jay last week, I noticed that some of the boxes had a “Get $5 for a Healthier You” logo. Not all of them. In fact, just the “sticks/twigs” kind (vs. flakes or buds (we call them stones)) and not even all of them specially marked. The promotions is this:

Go to
Enter three codes from inside specially marked packages
Get a $5 reward (a check that will be mailed to you)

There’s a limit of three rewards per person. I bought three boxes of the “sticks”. Luckily, the codes are printed on the inside of the box so you don’t have to actually open the bag of cereal to get it. My $5 reward check is on its way. I’ll buy three more the next time the store has three marked boxes. I was at King Soopers yesterday and they only had two marked boxes.

Oh, yes, – and I’ll use the $1 off coupon that I got at check out when I bought the first three boxes!

12 thoughts on “Kellogg’s $5 Reward

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    • Actually, the promotion is just for the All Bran Original (which we call “twigs” or “sticks”, not the Buds.

  2. The $5.00 rewards on what Cereals? I bought Raisin Bran and Special K with the $5.00 rewards on them do these qualify? Thank You

  3. I was very disappointed to realize that a response was necessary to even try to get my $5. I have the required numbers – but nowhere to put them in this form. That’s not cool, at all. It should have shown on the box that a response was required.

    • I’m not sure I understand. The instructions are on the specially marked boxes. You have to go to their website and provide the codes from the boxes as well as your name and address, etc.

  4. Are you talking about the printed inside wall of the box…4digets-4digets-4digets-4digets number? If so, it is impossible to read…..way to blury. Whole thing sounds like a rip-off to me.

    • The numbers are a little tough to read. But mine were legible. It’s not a rip-off. I’ve received all three $5 checks.

    • There’s a button saying “Enter code now”. Click on it and you’ll go to a page where there’s a field saying “Enter 16 digit code here”.

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