A Trip to IKEA

ikea dishesIKEA came to Denver about three years ago. It was a huge deal, the opening causing traffic jams for a week. So, it’s not a surprise that Jay and I finally decided to check it out over the weekend.

I’m not much of a shopper. Jay even less so. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t get him out of there! The store is massive. As in, overwhelming. I can’t imagine going just for one or two items. The whole thing is reminiscent of visiting a museum or a small airport. It took a couple of hours to get through – mostly because I couldn’t find Jay half the time.

The furniture is very sleek and modern. Very European. Very low to the ground. Who wants to do that many deep knee bends? Looks like it belongs in a tiny apartment in Japan. To be honest, I think a lot of it is overpriced – especially compared to American Furniture Warehouse. And I know that it all requires assembly. A LOT of assembly. I’ve watched Jay assemble a bedroom and office of similiar furniture – a daunting task, even for someone who was very adept at it.

The kitchen accessories, however, were fantastic!

A few months ago it occurred to me that the melamine dishes we use might be a little tacky. It’s one thing to use melamine plates and bowls when you have young kids. But our kids are all in, or finished, college. Sometimes you have to look at your things with the perspective of an outsider. And that perspective said “replace your dishes!”.

So, when we saw that IKEA had 6-place settings on sale for $19.99, we pounced. In fact, we bought two sets. It’s unlikely we’ll ever need that many for entertaining, but you never know. I usually use our wedding Wedgewood or good plastic plates for entertaining. But, maybe I’ve been using plastic because the alternative was Wedgewood or mismatched melamine! And, anyway, we often, I mean always, have more than six bowls dirty at a time. We pretty much need nine or more bowls. Hence, the two sets.

Plus, now we’ll have extras as the dishes get broken. Because, you know, they aren’t melamine…

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