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calm after stormI posted last spring about how I love the calm after the storm. Alas, this year January didn’t provide it. There was just too much catching up after the emotional and logistical frenzy of losing Dad. It took me until the middle of the month to even catch my breath.

Nor did February provide calm, for that matter. The weather sucked. The Broncos lost. I decided to start looking for a job. Steve took his Series 6 license test, which created tons of stress. I usually like February because it’s a short month. The rents come early. I have to get the taxes done, something I actually don’t mind. It’s also a good month to designate for some kind of frugality or organization program:

– no going out for dinner
– using up food in the pantry and freezer
– no shopping
– purge closets
– organize desk and files
– make annual doctor appointments

Anyway, I haven’t had the calm period I usually get early in the year. So, I’m hoping March can be that month. I am going to try to “create calm”. I checked the calendar and it looks like it’s possible. There’s an issue, mid-month, that could disrupt it. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I will do my best. I know better than to designate a month like December, or the month of a graduation, or the months preceding a move or a wedding (should that ever happen) as my month of calm.

And, of course, there can be more than one month/year. Ideally, I’d like to have three or four every year!

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