Today I Got Rid of a Telephone Solicitor

telephoneI hate that 90% of the calls that come in on our land line are solicitations. We’d get rid of the line, but we have lousy cell phone service in our area. Plus, I’d have to switch plans as it costs a lot to talk to Canada on my cell phone.

Anyway, some guy has been calling for Jay quite regularly. He tries to sound as if he knows him. But, if he knew him he’d know that Jay is never at home at 8:30 on a week day! He appears to be some kind of a financial adviser, determined that Jay has shown interest in his services. He called yesterday and I think I finally got rid of him.

I’d been helping our son study for his Series 6 License, which he needs for the job he has. (He passed the test on Monday.) One of the sections was about solicitation and some Telephone Act that was passed in the ’80s, I think. (Luckily, I didn’t have to take the test.) 😉 If someone asks to be put on a company’s Do Not Call list, then they can no longer call you. So I told the guy to put us on their Do Not Call list. I’m optimistic that it’ll work. And I plan on using it again until we stop getting half the calls we get!

This rule doesn’t apply for non-profits, so I’m sure we’ll continue to get solicitations from the Brotherhood of Police Officers. For whatever reason, they are really pushy. Aggghhh!

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