Got 40,000 Bonus Points

sapphireI received my Sapphire Preferred card just last month and made sure to use it for the Allstate policies we have on our rentals, among other things. Our 40,000 bonus points were posted with the very first billing cycle!

That didn’t take long! Unfortunately…

I won’t even have to use it to pay our property taxes, but I probably will as the cutoff date for this particular card works better than any of our other cards. It, by chance, will delay actual payment the longest. Plus, I’ve posted that I like points better than miles. I’d use our Explorer card to earn miles and get us closer to the $25,000 spend necessary to earn 10,000 bonus miles, except there’s no danger of us not meeting that milestone. 🙁

I’d love to use our American Express and get 1% cashback. I would do that except I really need to build up our points/miles accounts. Once I’m comfortable with that balance, I will start using our American Express more often.

I will be canceling the Sapphire card before the $95 annual fee kicks in. Or shortly thereafter, as it will be refunded if you cancel within three months of paying the fee. But, I’d rather cancel before vs. having to get a refund. In the meantime, I’ll be seeing if Jay can apply for his own Sapphire card, so he can earn 40,000 bonus points. I’ll probably time this so we can put our second installment of property taxes on it. They’re due on June 15, so I’ll have him apply for the card in May.

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