Award Check Came

american express costco reward couponThe American Express statement came this week and, along with it, was our Costco award check for $97. We have the True Earnings card and earn 3% for gas, 2% for restaurants, 2% for travel and 1% for everything else. (I had been under the impression that we would earn 4% for gas but, apparently, they didn’t give me a business card like I was expecting. I didn’t notice it for some time and, then, I wasn’t willing to go through the application process again when I realized the error. Maybe another day.)

Anyway, we only use the card for Costco and gas purchases, using our CHASE cards to earn miles for restaurants and travel. I am considering using it for restaurants to get the 2% cashback vs. 2X miles.

Upgrading to the True Earnings card was definitely a good decision!

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