Time For a Part Time Job?

resume“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” is a well known saying. I’m not sure if it’s scripture. But I do find that most idioms are idioms because they are rooted in truth. Since quitting my regular, albeit part time, job in 2002, I’ve managed to stay sufficiently if not, too, busy:

2002-2005: three kids in school and writing
2005-2011: foreclosures, some writing, and still had kids at home (VERY busy period)
2011-2012: fewer foreclosures, but a big move, and my “streamlining” project
2013-2014: I’m not busy enough

I’m thinking about getting a part time job. Having just helped our son get a job, I’m quite in tune with the process. I updated my very dusty resume and created a cover letter. I got on Indeed.com and started looking, applying for four positions. It’s going to be tricky finding what I’m looking for – a pleasant, 8-15 hr/week professional or administrative position with a 15 minute or less commute. 😉 Plus, someone has to be willing to hire a middle-aged, out-of-the-workforce-for-12-years, woman who only wants to work 8-15 hrs/week (no weekends or evenings or early mornings). 😉

I’ve already got an interview scheduled for today!

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