Pay Attention When Filling Prescriptions

prescriptionMost of our prescriptions are filled via Medco (now Express Scripts). But, a couple of them are for “controlled” meds, which can’t be filled via an online service and you can only get one month at a time. Pay attention when you’re filling them.

In the past year I’ve caught errors twice. Last week, I filled two prescriptions and the charge came to $45. Our copay is $15, so it should have come to $30. I questioned it and we discovered that the system processed one of the prescriptions as a two-month supply, when it should have been a one-month supply. There were 60 pills, but the script reads 1-2 pills/day, thus qualifying it as a one-month supply.

The other time, our doctor prescribed 31 pills, because there were 31 days in the month. Anything over 30 pills was automatically bumping the prescription into the two-month supply category and we were charged $30 instead of $15. The pharmacist reduced the number of pills to 30 so we didn’t have to pay $15 for that one extra pill!

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