Dad’s Memorial Service

claires wedding1I can’t believe my Dad is gone. 🙁

I think of him all the time. It’s been a month since his memorial service, which was wonderful (and, yes, I’m biased but it really was). He would have loved it. We had longer than usual to prepare for it. Dad died December 21st but we waited until early January (after the holidays) to have the service. Regardless, we would have been able to do a really good job as we had already started preparing. (I have a friend whose dad died the week before mine and they had trouble even putting a poster board of pictures together. DON’T let that be you!)

Anyway, here’s how it went:

While everyone was being seated and waiting for the service to begin, they watched the PowerPoint presentation we’d put together for his 80th (with pics of his party added), accompanied by some of Dad’s favorite songs.

To start the service, my mother’s cousin, Tammy, played the bagpipes (Amazing Grace), leading us all in. Another of my mother’s cousin, Sister Darlene, read Psalm 23. My siblings and I each gave a tribute to Dad – each unique and excellent. There were lots of tears and plenty of laughter. Dad’s Goddaughter, Beth, a bona fide opera singer no less, sang How Dear to Me.

His favorite niece read a poem.

And then, the piéce de resistance – last summer one of my brothers took a video of Dad singing his favorite song, Danny Boy. It was a bit of a shock, for a lot of people, to see Dad in the shape he was in – in a wheelchair, in a nursing home, with dementia. But he could still sing. At the end of the song Robert asked him if there was anything he wanted to say and they settled on Dad saying “That’s all folks!”.

Everyone applauded.

Talk about the perfect ending for a wonderful life. 🙂

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