Hobby Lobby Coupon in Paper

hobby lobby couponWell – THAT was a depressing Super Bowl! Aggghhhh. Must shake off. The whole city is so depressed. 🙁


I rarely buy anything at full price at Hobby Lobby (or anywhere, for that matter). But, two weeks ago, I put together a poster for a friend’s 60th birthday with pictures of him and a close group of friends taken over the past 30 years. I uploaded the pics to Costco’s photo center and it was ready the same day! I was really happy with the product. I needed a 16″ x 20″ frame and, for once, Hobby Lobby didn’t have their frames on half price.

I bought one anyway and will just purchase one of the same the next time they come on sale and then return it using the original receipt. Or I’ll do the same using the 40% coupon I found in Sunday’s paper. I’m betting they have a coupon every Sunday and I’ve just never noticed it before. If so, will make a habit of cutting it out every week.

Such a great store!