Movie Savings and Miles

regal crown clubA few weeks ago I bought $50 in Regal gift cards at Office Max. I’ll earn 250 miles for the purchase.

I saw August: Osage County with my friend. (It was great, though definitely not a “feel good” movie, and a little close to home having just lost my dad.) I saved $1 using my Regal Crown Club card and earned 9 loyalty points for my $8.50 ticket.

Then, we took our son and his girlfriend to see Catching Fire. (Really enjoyed it.) I used my Regal Crown Club card, again, which took, $1 off each adult ticket. We specified two students and ended up paying child prices for our son and his girlfriend. I’m not sure if they don’t have student prices or if this represented another $1 off each of their tickets.

Anyway, we paid $35 for four Friday night, first run, tickets – not too bad.

I’m not quite sure how the loyalty credits works with the Regal Crown Card. It looks like I earned 20 points for the four tickets, which doesn’t really make sense. Maybe they only count points for the adult tickets, or for a maximum of two tickets at a time. You can see your total rewards on their website, but it doesn’t give a history of how you accumulated them. And the points listed on my ticket stub aren’t consistent with what I see on the website.

So far, I’ve earned 88 points on my Regal card. Once I have 150 points I’ll get a free movie ticket. It looks like I can get a free small popcorn already, but we don’t get treats at movies. Plus, I’m not sure if getting the popcorn would delay getting the free movie. THAT’S what I’m really interested in!

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