Decorating on a Budget

consoleWe have an awkward corner between our living and dining areas and the TV/family room. The previous owners had a curio cabinet there (the only tacky thing they owned – otherwise their possessions and decorating were fantastic). I’ve had an upholstered chair sitting there for the past two-and-a-half years. It was too big for the space. It looked terrible.

And I was informed by friends who are much better decorators than me that it looked terrible.

Trouble was, the only pieces I found that a) would fit there and b) I really liked, were always $600 – $2,000 or more.

So, imagine how happy I was to find this “console” at American Furniture Warehouse for $74. I LOVE American Furniture Warehouse. It’s the reason there aren’t a lot of fancy schmancy furniture stores in Denver. Someone at a “somewhat fine furniture” store actually told me that. No one can compete with them. I know a lot of rich people who wouldn’t be caught dead buying furniture at AFW. But, it’s a dream come true for the rest of us. Or those who don’t care if their furniture is imported from Europe or handmade by the Amish AND costs an arm and a leg.

Lots of the furniture at AFW really looks great and is decent quality.

Besides, for $74 I can afford to change my mind should I ever find the perfect piece. But, knowing me, I’ll be happy with it forever. I am a simple gal. Plus, I had to assemble it and I am very proud of my effort.

The art and most of the decorative items in the photo were things I had around the house. The etching, on the right, is one I bought in Windermere years ago and had never gotten around to framing. I went to Hobby Lobby and was able to find a mat and frame for $20. I LOVE Hobby Lobby. I also found the “globe” thing and the branches on sale for 50% off.

Half the decorations and furniture I’ve bought since moving were from American Furniture Warehouse and Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods (and estate sales). I think it all looks nice. I think my whole house looks nice. It makes me very happy. Especially our bedroom, now that I make the bed every day!

We’ve lived here for 2 1/2 years, but I never quite got around to finishing decorating the living room – which was probably a good thing because we swapped the living room and dining room about 14 months ago. I think we’re going to stick with the current plan, so I feel comfortable completing the process. We need end tables to match the coffee table (ordered). We had purchased them, originally, but I took them back because they didn’t “fit” the space. Now that we’ve swapped the rooms, they’ll fit. And we need them. The room doesn’t look complete w/o them. I tried a couple of inexpensive tables from Hobby Lobby but they didn’t work. At all.

We also need lamps to put on the coffee tables. And we need an area rug for the living room. I think I’ve found the lamps and rug at Home Depot (online). The rug is inexpensive, but the lamps cost more than I’d like to spend – so I may have to find alternates. In the meantime, I need to get some Home Depot gift cards – either discount ones online or at an office supply store so I earn 5X miles.

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