A Trip to King Soopers

king soopers produce adI stopped by King Soopers on my way home from the pool one day last week. (Of course, I had my errands planned and mapped out. I knew I was going to swim, so I postponed trips to a) TJ Maxx, b) the library and c) King Soopers until Wednesday and just made one quick loop with no backtracking.)

I didn’t have much to buy – Brussels Sprouts, skim milk, and berries. The Brussels Sprouts are glorious these days. It almost makes me want to only buy them when they are at their peak, as they pale in comparison at other times. Of course, it means everyone is buying them and they ran out at the other King Soopers when I was there previously. 🙁

I played Bunco with my old neighborhood friends Wednesday night. The A-M gals were tasked with bringing wine and the N-Z gals, appetizers. I decided to bring a bowl of fresh berries vs. an appetizer. It’s what I brought to another friend’s house on Christmas Eve, because I literally had no time to prepare anything – having just got home from Calgary the day before and then having to spend the afternoon in the ER when our daughter got a concussion. I felt a little bad about bringing something so easy – but every last berry was eaten. I figured the same would happen at Bunco, especially with New Year’s resolutions still being fresh!  (And I was right.) The strawberries, blueberries and blackberries were ALL on sale. The raspberries weren’t, so I didn’t buy any.

I also brought a bottle of the wine I like. It’s $7.99, and it’s the only kind that doesn’t affect my sleep.

Anyway, back to King Soopers. While I was there I checked out the cereal. The absolutely incredible deals on Bran Buds that existed last January haven’t materialized this year, which is disappointing. (I’m going to check again, today, as there’s a special on Kellogg’s cereals.) But I noticed that the steel cut oats I like were on sale for $2.50 vs. $2.99. This rarely happens, so I bought a couple packages. I also noticed that the small containers of Quaker Oats were on sale. Not so, the large containers, though. The large ones are $5.59 for 42 ounces. The small ones were on sale for $2.50 for 18 ounces, making them almost, but not quite as cheap per ounce. However, I had a coupon for 75¢ off the purchase of two. When you do the math, it then becomes cheaper per ounce to buy the small ones.

Big container: (2 x $5.59) – $.75 / 84 = 12.42¢ per ounce
Small container: (2 x $2.50) – $.75 / 36 = 11.81¢ per ounce

The fact that King Soopers then matched my coupon (up to $1) giving me another 25¢ off made the small containers an even better deal. Assuming the big containers don’t come on sale before the coupon expires, this was the best way to use it.

My total came to $22.74. My savings were $14.94 or 39% of my order. Not bad!

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