Entertainment Books on Sale

entertainment bookThey are having a one day Blizzard Sale. Entertainment books are on sale for $18 with free shipping. They are regularly $35, so this is a great deal. I’ve held off buying one because I can’t tell, from their website, if they still have Regal Theatre coupons. I figured I’d wait until I had a chance to actually look through one of the books, at King Soopers, let’s say, where kids sometimes sell them for fundraisers. But, I haven’t run into any.

A friend told me they have them at Barnes & Noble, but I’d have to go out of my way to visit one. When I got the email about the Blizzard Sale, I figured I’d take a chance. I’ll make sure to save at least $18 using the coupons but, if I find that they don’t have Regal ones, it may be the last time I buy.

I will report back once it’s arrived. 😉

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