Quick Way to Check Your Headlights

headlightsI rarely park directly in front of a business, if there are other spots to be had. That way, I don’t have back out of the parking spot. (Not that I can’t, I can. But, I’d rather pull straight through if the option is there.) This is the opposite of how it was back when I had little kids. Then, parking directly in front of a business was best – the less time spent negotiating parking lots with little ones the better!

Anyway, last week I ended up parking directly in front of a store. I noticed, in the plate glass storefront, that one of my headlights was out. And I was reminded of the fact that this is a quick way to check your headlights. I need to come up with a quick way to check my tail lights, too – like when Jay is dropping me off to get movie tickets or at a restaurant or a friend’s house.

Anyway, Jay had the bulb replaced that same day. It’s great that he’s so handy!

I always drive with my headlights on, BTW, even in the middle of the day – a holdover from living in Canada. It makes a huge difference when you’re on the highway. Not for you, the driver, being able to see, but for oncoming traffic. In the distance, it’s hard to tell if a car is coming or going. I noticed it many a time in the days before headlights, automatically, were set to always be on.

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