I Applied For a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

sapphireLast week I applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. I had one a couple of years ago and used it enough to get the 40,000 bonus miles before cancelling it. Now that I seriously need to build my mileage bank back up, I was hoping I can get approved for a new one. We are VERY good Chase credit card customers. We charge everything and, except for gas and Costco, use Chase cards exclusively. Even if Chase knows why I’m applying for the card (bonus miles) I’m hoping I get it. And I’m hoping we can get one for Jay later in the year.

I got a call from them this morning. They wanted to confirm my income and some additional information. And – yippee! – I was approved!! My new card should arrive in the next week. I will make sure to charge $3,000 in three months in order to get the 40,000 bonus miles. And I’ll have Jay apply to get one before we cancel mine, which will be before we get charged the annual fee.

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