2014 To Do List

to do listI’ve kept a list of Yearly To Do’s since reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done a couple of years ago. This list is different than my regular To Do/Next Activities list.

My Yearly list is a list of the things I’d like to accomplish or do that year – things like “take a trip to Napa” and “get to Van Gogh exhibit” and “help Steve find a job“. My regular To Do list has very specific “next step” type of activities – things like “refill prescription”, “de-decorate” and “pay tuition”. So, while my Yearly list might say “go to Mexico”, my regular To Do list might say “pack” or “renew passport” – very specific activities that, ultimately, support my Yearly list.

My 2013 list looked like this:

–      Trip with D & S (Guanajuato)
–      One musical or play (Book of Mormon)
–      Mom here
–      Kirkland museum
–      Napa
–      Job for Steve
–      Jay to Cabo
–      Pagosa Springs
–      Windermere
–      Weekend in Vail to hang out with Steve
–      Girls Vail getaway
–      D & S here
–      Join a club (bible)
–      Van Gogh exhibit
–      Sell Evans
–      Refinance house
–      Read a classic (The Good Soldier, The Great Gatsby)

Throughout the year I check items off as I’ve accomplished them. I LOVE doing that. I also add things to the list that I’ve done and think are worthwhile noting/remembering. It’s satisfying to go back and see what I’ve done. If, at the end of the year, I haven’t accomplished something on the list that I’d still like to do, I simply move it over to the next year’s list. And, just the other day, I created an “Ongoing” list of To Do items separate from my Yearly list. These are, obviously, ongoing vs. finite goals.


–       Read a good book every month
–       Address anxiety issues
–       Make bed every morning
–       129 lbs*
–       yoga and swimming
–       Energetic, nice, enthusiastic, optimistic, busy, circumspect!
–       Be a better wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend!
–       Purge stuff; prepare for eventual downsize
–       Call Mom twice/week
–       Entertain lots

* I may have achieved this during the three weeks I was back and forth to Calgary. My appetite abandons me when I’m unusually stressed or sad. But it inevitably comes back. I really should have weighed myself!!

My 2014 list looks like this:

–       Earn $50K+ doing real estate and writing
–       Sell two manuscripts
–       Make $60 from blog (I will abandon this effort at some point, if I don’t see results)
–       Build up miles account
–       Sell Vallagio property
–       Paint short walls in bedroom, living room and dining room
–       Get rug for sitting area
–       Passport to Paris exhibit DAM (Denver Art Museum)
–       Modern Masters exhibit DAM
–       Florida with friends
–       Pay down rental HELOC so only outstanding debt is home mortgage
–       Look into The Pines for 2016 – 2020 move
–       2-3 trips to Calgary including Windermere
–       Trip with Calgary friends or have them here
–       See “Once” (play)
–       Visit Robert in Newfoundland
–       Mom here once or twice
–       Learn Spanish
–       Take golf lessons

The last two appear perennially appear on my lists. I WAS signed up for golf lessons in 2012, but they were cancelled due to lack of enrollment. And I really doubt my enthusiasm for learning Spanish. I learned French all those years ago and it ticks me off. Who knew I would end up in the States? And, who knew that, even if I’d stayed in Canada, chances are I’d spend more time in Mexico than anywhere they speak French…