Miles Over Money?

credit cardsThere was an article in the paper a couple of weeks ago about not using a miles reward credit card – how it’s not a good deal and the cards have fees, etc. I know this is good advice for many people. I, myself, chose a cashback card for our son vs. a miles card.

BUT – I accumulated enough miles in less than two years to cover what would have been 6 x $1,400 = $8,400 tickets in 2-3 weeks when I had to get home on a moment’s notice when my Dad was dying, as well as tickets for all five of us to attend his memorial service the other week. And that’s not counting the six other times I’ve flown to Calgary during the past two years, once on a moment’s notices. And the time our daughter flew up – again with only a couple of days notice.

We’re talking close to $14,000 worth of free flights. The fees for the cards probably didn’t amount to $400 for the two years (because the first year was free).

All I can say is that it works for me in my given situation!

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