Today I Threw Something Away

black and white photosI framed wallpaper, as an inexpensive way to decorate, when we first moved into this house. Much of it still hangs on the walls, although I did replace the wallpaper in the dining room with black and white family photos.

The wallpaper books I scored for free have been sitting on the shelves in my bedroom closet ever since. They are big and bulky and it’s unlikely I will use them again. I could, possibly, sell them on Craigslist – but a substantial number of the pages have been removed and I doubt I’d get much, if anything, for them.

So, I threw the first one away!

One of my stated goals for 2014 is to purge “stuff” in preparation for our eventual downsize. I’d like to throw something away every day, if possible. Even though we purged a lot of things when we moved 2 1/2 years ago, the natural tendency is to immediately start accumulating stuff again. It takes a determined effort to get rid of things as quickly as they enter the home!

Today, I’m going to get rid of some old Christmas decorations that I haven’t used in years.

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