161,000 Miles/Points Earned in 2013

In 2012 we earned 325,880 miles/points, of which 205,000 were bonus/signup points. I signed up for a number of cards strictly to get the signup points. Once we met the spending criteria and got the points I canceled them. Since then we’ve focused on maximizing the miles/points earned with our three core cards.

Here’s a summary for the miles/points we earned in 2013:

Ink Bold – 52,249

MileagePlus – 44,286

Explorer – 64,476 (of which 10,000 were bonus miles)

Total: 161,011!!

Our spend was $88,000 (which makes me gasp) and we didn’t get any signup miles/points, so that’s almost 2 miles per dollar. But we used up so many miles in 2013, that I have to make miles a top priority again. We went from having almost 500,000 miles to 167,000. My goal is to maintain a balance of 300,000. Anything over that can be used for “recreational” travel.

I’m thinking it’ll take a full year to get there…

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