Be Proactive

washer pipeThe laundry room in our house gets really cold. The first time I did a load of wash when the weather was freezing, the pipes must have been clogged and the water backed up into the laundry room and onto the kitchen floor, which is hardwood. Luckily, I was home at the time and got it mopped up pretty quickly.

It happened again in December, when Jay did a load. Again, I happened to be home.

Well, it just happened 20 minutes ago, when one of our sons washed his bedsheets. He doesn’t live at home and is just here for part of Christmas break. As I’d never mentioned it to him before, there was no way he’d know. Our daughter noticed the water on the floor, probably within 15 minutes or less.

As if three times isn’t enough!!! I just made a sign and taped it to the washer, warning not to do laundry when it’s freezing outside. Clearly, this is something that needs to be addressed. You can already tell that the previous owners moved some pipes that were in the wall to the interior of the room. At some point, I’m sure Jay will address it.

He fixes everything.

In the meantime, I hope the note suffices. It’s taken me long enough!!

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