Make Your Bed

bedI’m one to talk. Historically, our bed gets made about once/week – when the cleaning people make it every two weeks and when I do the sheets every other week.

But, I decided about five days ago to make our bed every morning and so far, so good. It only takes a few minutes. It’s much nicer to get into a bed that’s been made. And I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I walk into the bedroom and see it all nice and tidy. The good feeling is worth it!

It will be my New Year’s resolution. Much easier to keep than most. 😉 After losing my Dad last week, I’m fighting the urge to have Jay, sell our house, and travel the world – things that aren’t currently realistic. So, I will resolve to make our bed.

And, maybe now that I’ve actually written it down, I’ll follow through.

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