Christmas Letter

xmas 2013 jpgMost years we send out a Christmas “letter”. It’s actually a bunch of pictures, each with a brief caption. I create it using PowerPoint and then save it as a PDF. It takes a lot of ink to print out. And then there’s the postage. It costs $1 to send something to Canada. Overall, it can cost $200+ in postage.

This year, I was thinking about using Shutterfly to create a cool picture card. But they would have cost about $1 each. With postage, everything would have come to $400+.

Instead, I embarked upon the task of getting email addresses for everyone on my list so I could email the “letter” to everyone. I haven’t completed the task, but I’ve already sent it to almost everyone on my Canadian list and many on my US list.

It won’t cost anything.

And I’m reconnecting with people in the process of a) getting their email address, and b) responding to their emails after they receive the letter.

Win. Win.

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