Today I Ordered a Calendar For My Mom

two calendarsAt first I was going to order a calendar from Shutterfly. But, they had a bug in the creation of their large calendar. It truncated the events, despite my being VERY careful to keep them within the allowed length.

I was very frustrated and decided to check out Costco’s options. I will say that Costco definitely needs to work on their website. The photos took forever to process. But I persevered, deciding that, if I wasn’t happy with the result, I’d probably order the smaller size calendar from Shutterfly. Plus, I was already ordering a canvas print of a picture from Guanajuato that I intend to give to my brother and his girlfriend as a thank you for letting us stay with them.

Costco’s prices are very good for all their photo products. I’ve ordered prints before and was really happy with the quality.

And I’m totally satisfied, once again, with the quality of both the calendar and canvas print. The calendar is a little on the large side. But that means it’s easy to read to the “events” printed on the calendar dates. It’s also a little glossy, and I’m hoping that my Mom is able to write easily on it – without resorting to having to find a special pen.

While I was waiting for the Costco calendar to arrive Shutterfly had a special, and I was able to order a free calendar, which I did, along with a picture Jay took while we were in Guanajuato. I would have liked to have ordered it as a canvas print, but that involved losing too much of the picture, so I opted for their “mounted wall art” option.

Both have arrived and I’m very happy with each. The calendar is a more manageable size than the one from Costco, but the print might be too small. It’s glossy, but not as glossy as the one from Costco. If my Mom is happy with it, I will probably opt to go with Shutterfly, again, next year as their utility is MUCH, MUCH easier to work with than Costco’s. And, maybe by then, Shutterfly will have fixed the truncation problem on their large calendar.

(Plus, I now know that they will probably offer me a free calendar at some point.)

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