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macysI bought an outfit at Macy’s on Tuesday. I’ll probably wear it to 5-6 Christmas events without anyone (except Jay) knowing it’s my one and only Christmas outfit for the season. 😉

I had coupons that had been mailed to me and used the one for $50 off a purchase of $200 or more. I REALLY wish I had paid attention and used the same coupon that came on a flyer, because a) the flyer coupon is only good until 12/11, and b) I can’t use the flyer coupon at and the one I used would also have worked online. (I discovered that when I ordered some gifts online yesterday. Aggghhh.)

Anyway, I paid with a couple of Macy’s gift cards I had ordered at a discount, using my Macy’s credit card for the balance. Usually, they ask you if you want a printed receipt, an emailed receipt, or both. I always opt for the printed one. This time, however, I didn’t get a receipt. The clerk didn’t ask me and suddenly I had my bag of clothes and she told me my receipt would be emailed to me.

Well, I didn’t get a receipt via email. And I want one. Because I used gift cards and the coupon and some of the stuff was marked down, I’m not even sure how much I paid for the sweater, pants and shoes. Each or all together.

SO frustrating!! I’m kicking myself for not listening to that little voice which was telling me to request a printed receipt. It would have been so easy to get it then, and not at all easy now.

UPDATE: the reason I didn’t get an email receipt is because our son had recently purchased a suit, on sale, for an interview. (He got the job, so it was a good investment.) Anyway, being 23 and wanting to save the planet, he did not want a printed receipt and, in the process, the email address connected to my credit card was changed to his email address. Mystery solved.


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