Got My Hair Cut

great clipsI’m trying to set up a regular schedule for getting my hair cut. I’m not sure why this has always been so elusive, but it has. If I like someone, they invariably move. Or, as happened ten years ago, I quit my job and the salon I went to was no longer convenient. (Plus, I wasn’t working which made it hard to pay salon prices every three months.)

And there’s always the bad haircut I get while trying to find someone, which then makes me procrastinate even more.

This past year I’ve found someone to cut and tint (balayage) my hair. He’s not cheap, but I feel the results are worth it. I’m not keen on my natural, lackluster, dishwater blonde color. Luckily, I only have to have it done twice/year, because my hair is relatively light anyway and, whatever balayage is, it looks fine for six months. But, I can’t not have it cut in between. It’s been driving me crazy this past month. The ends are a mess, and it’s getting so long that I can’t comb/brush it out behind my head/back. My arm can’t reach the ends. (It’s hard to explain.)

So, on Monday I ducked into, of all places, Great Clips, between shopping at Costco and Target. There was no wait. I just asked for two inches to be cut off (which means I lost closer to 3″ or 4″), sticking with the existing shape and style. She did a great job and, with tip, I got out of there for less than $18!

I’ve made notes in my filing system and plan to keep on a three month schedule, alternating between Michael at the expensive salon and Great Clips. Of course, the chances of Jess being at the same Great Clips in six months are practically zero. Let’s see how happy I am next time I go…

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