Canvas Print From Costco

canvas printI’ve been wanting to order some canvas prints, made from some family photographs, for awhile. They can be pricey, so I’ve been watching for a sale. Plus, until now there hasn’t been any urgency.

But, when we were in Guanajuato a couple of weeks ago, my brother’s girlfriend took a bunch of pictures of the very cool place we were staying. I decided I wanted to have one made into a canvas print for them, as a token of appreciation. And I need it before I head up to Calgary next week.

I explored a couple of alternatives and decided on Costco’s service. I ordered a 12″x16″ print, delivered to the Costco warehouse. That way the delivery was free. The total, with tax, came to $31.24. It was ready to pick up today, exactly eight days after I ordered it. And on the very day I happened to be going there. Talk about convenient!

The print looks great! I’m super pleased with the product and with the cost. And I’m thinking my brother and, especially, his girlfriend will be tickled with it.

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