Cyber Monday

cyber mondayI must admit that, despite my penchant for saving money, I am totally averse to all the shopping hype surrounding Thanksgiving weekend. I have never, and I mean never, shopped on Black Friday. And the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving Day, which appears to be a trend, appalls me. I’m not against others doing it. But, I hate crowds or standing in long lines or freezing outside. Besides, we had SO much fun Thanksgiving evening – sitting by the fire pit, playing snooker, chatting, eating, playing with the little kids, etc. No deal at Best Buy would be worth sacrificing the experience.

I’ve also been wary of Cyber Monday. Are the deals real? Or do they just jack up the price and then offer a discount and you end up paying the same?

Well – I did buy something online last week for Jay. He’s very hard to buy for. We really like watching Survivor and Amazing Race so, both last year and this, I’ve found something at the CBS webstore for him. Today, I got an email from them advertising their Cyber Monday sale. Just for kicks, I went to the site to see if I really could have saved money had I waited just a week.

And, yes, I would have. The regular price was the same as last week and it was marked down 25%. So, while I’ll still never brave the hordes on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, I will definitely keep Cyber Monday in mind. I notice that I got emails from and I wonder how much money I could have saved on the books I bought for my Calgary family?

Next year I might plan all my online shopping early, but wait until Cyber Monday to purchase. I’ll have to remind myself with a note in my

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