Regal Crown Club

regal crown clubI went to see About Time with my friend last week. LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it! I’m out of Entertainment coupons for Regal theaters, as I haven’t decided whether or not to buy a new Entertainment book and my coupons from the last book expired. I did use quite a few of them last year, at $2 off each.

Anyway, the service person asked if I wanted to join the Regal Crown Club, and get $1 off my movie. I was early and my friend was late, so I did. And I just gave the card to my daughter as she headed off to see Catching Fire with her brother and one of her friends.

I’ll have to ask her if she remembered to use it.

I see a lot of movies, and I’m more than happy to save money whenever I go, whether it’s $1 with the Crown Club card, $2 with the Entertainment Book coupons, $2 with AAA’s movie tickets, or 13% when I buy discounted gift cards online.

I’ll have to see if I can combine two of them at the same time!

I doubt they’ll let me. But, I’ll try.

Plus, I wonder when the senior discount starts to kick in? 55? 60? 65?

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